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22 Days Safari adventure to Jinja, Sipi, Pian upe, Kidepo,Murchsion falls, kibale forest, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, Lake Bunyonyi,and Lake Mburo.

Available: 1000 seats
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22 Days Safari adventure to Jinja, Sipi, Pian upe, Kidepo, Murchison falls, Kibale forest, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, Lake Bunyonyi, and Lake Mburo.

Tour Details

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  • All accomodations as agreed
  • All park entry permits
  • All activities as agreed
  • All meals
  • Bottled water all through
  • Airport transfers
  • Proffessional driver guide

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Day 1

Welcome to the pearl of Africa, you have waited a life time to embark on this adventure, finally you have landed on Ugandan soil, your smile packed guide will come for you at the airport and usher you gently to your cozy beautiful hotel where you will relax, have lunch or dinner or both and then spend your quiet, fatique breaking night here, as you await to see your dream unfold.

Standard Accomodation

Lake victoria view guest house

Day 2

This day will usher you to a beautiful jinja, home to the source of the longest River in the world here you will have a relaxing time enjoying this amazing exciting place, you will then go for a visit to the source of the Nile using an engine geared dugout canoe, this activity will last you an hour or two then you will spend the night.

Standard Accomodation

Haven Lodge

Day 3

With so much ethusiasm for this day, you will choose to do whatever it is you want to do today, you will either go for rafting the whole day and enjoy this heart beating kind of adventure of a life time, or better yet, you could go for a cultural community tour and stretch out your legs whilst feeding your eyes with so much pleasure and emotional broad wide smiles of cute kids with arms stretched out wide waving back at you. Yet again you will spend the night at this facility.

Standard Accomodation
Haven Lodge

Day 4

It’s about time to say goodbye to this hidden jewel of uganda, as you continue to the further parts of the eastern region, you will be welcomed by the beautifully well framed hills of kapchorwa with the great view of the famous Mt Elgon from a distance, you will make a quick stop just to enjoy and breath in the not so common breeze and feel the freshness of this stunning place. 

Standard Accomodation

Rafiki lodge

Day 5

Gracefully with a full stomach after a continental breakfast, you will then go hike to the famous sipi falls, with so much beauty at a glance, you will enjoy the amazing curved caves that are neatly doored by this silky flowing water fall embedded From here after a number of uncountable picture shots, you will then head back for lunch and later do a coffee tour in the local for the night.

Day 6

You will have a healthy breathfast then slowly make your way to the heart of karamonja at a reknown game reserve, pian upe it’s a beautiful gem tucked away in a remote area with rare spieces of wildlife like roan antelopes which are only found here,’you will have lunch then do an evening game drive, then be ushered to your humble accomodation, have dinner and rest for the night.

Standard Accomodation

Uwa bandas

Day 7

You will start up this day by simply having your breakfast and head deeper in this semi arid part of this country, to kidepo valley park, as you will be driving by, your eyes will take keen interest in colorfully and heavily beaded young kjong girls and boys going about their day to day chores, you will notice the locals here are immersly rooted in cattle keeping though they are trying to adopt to farming but because of their kind of soil there, it proves to be a hard nut to crack. The young with innocent broad smiles will wave, whilst the old will look on and either smile, wave or just be motionless, whatever the case, their presence will have you enjoy this formerly known corridor for animals migrating to and from kidepo park, and other many reserves around, you will then relax have dinner at this lodge with a spectacular view of the valley.

Standard Accomodation

Savanna lodge

Day 8

Wow, this day will mark a very deep memorable adventure you will live to remember, this greatly untouched magical place is the very reason why you are on a safari trip, now this park gives you the really feeling of a typical safari experience right in the heart of Africa. You will after breakfast have a very good safari adventure in a game drive, where you will see quite a number of wild animals from big groups of elephants, pride of lions to huge herds of buffaloes etc, then you will have lunch and go back for an afternoon game walk which will get you closer to the game life with the guidance of a game ranger, then later you will retire to the lodge for dinner and prepare for a night to remember in a ‘night safari’ experience to see the noctunal wild animals….

Standard Accomodation

Savanna lodge

Day 9

Start this day early with a blissful relaxed mood ready to have your continental breakast and head out in another spree of sight seeing at the other part of this 3rd largest game park, you will go on an ostrich, cheetah, leopard etc , hunt at the extreme end of this park where you cross the famous river known to be seasonal and breaks its banks in wet seasons, kidepo river… then later take an adventure ride back to the lodge for lunch, there after, your guide will take you for a community tour in one of the kjong home steads around the park. Yet again later you will have your relaxing night here as you recapture today’s ordeal.

Standard Accomodation

Savanna lodge

Day 10

With a smile of satisfaction with kidepo valley park, you wil after a hearty breakfast slowly drive to murchison falls park, on your way you will be amazed at all that you will see along the way, starting with the locals as they go about their daily routine lifestlyes, beautiful rocky landscrap demacations, different kinds of vegetation flourishing and many interesting sights of locals doing unusual things like carrying a whole cow on a bike…..All this will make you long ride a pleasant,containable one. You will make a number of stops for lunch, photography or ‘bush toilet’ then continue to murchison falls and spend the night at this wonderful lodge with an anciently inspired design.

Standard Accomodation

Fort Murchison Lodge

Day 11

What better way to start the day after a delish breakfast than this, a great fulfilling safari experience in the heart of the largest conservation game park in this country,you will be welcomed by this wonder of nature, there is nothing that beats the joy of slowly driving in between wild animals of different kinds from kobs, giraffes,to even warthogs with their tails pointed to the heavens running along as fast as their short legs can carry them, with a merry heart you will look at all this amazing once in a life time experience. After many hours in the game drive, you will then go for lunch and later your guide will drive you to the boat cruise safari, here you yet again will cruise on the longest River in the world, the Nile….you will enjoy a beautiful boat safari to the bottom of the mega powerful falls that forces its way through a 7 m wide space and tumbles 43 m in depth before it strongly flows westward into lake Albert, you will see a number of water game, like a school of hippos, crocdiles etc you will then be guided to hike to the top of the falls, here you wil be able to see uhuru falls at a glance, a tributary of the main falls, formed due to heavy rains in 1962.Then after this amazing experience, you will drive back to the lodge as you enjoy an evening mini game drive, dinner and spend the night.

Standard Accomodation

Fort Murchison Lodge

Day 12

Its time yet again to wave a sweet sad goodbye to this amazing place that has given you an album of very unforgettable memories, you will magistically drive further to wards the sunset direction at lake Albert, this really small savanna game reserve called kabwoya, is right at the floor of the Albertine rift valley with a panaromic view of the blue mountains in congo. It’s the perfect break you needed after that bumpy road ‘african massage’ you just experienced on your way from murchsion falls, here, you can choose to have a bush candlelit dinner a special kind of exeprience which gears you up for more to come……after a wonderful game drive and dinner, spend the night here.

Standard Accomodation

Lake Albert Lodge

Day 13

As you wake up early to interesting whistling of different tunes by the fishermen, you will be amazed at the all brightly lit up water surface, busy scouting for silver fish, after a delish breakfast you are headed further west through beautiful well naturally decorated plains and landscape, as you have noticed by now, the vegetation keeps changing varying from place to place as you venture the entire country, driving through the mat like well demacated huge green tea plantations, you will fall more and more in love with your decision to visit uganda because by now its paying off and doing you justice, into the kibale national park forest you go, as always the ever present olive baboons will give you a grand entrance into this thick rain forest home to over 1000 chimpanzees. This journey will be spiced up with a variety of interesting stops for photography, lunch and a tour in fort portal town if time allows…. Check in, dinner then spend the night.

Standard Accomodation

Kibale Forest Camp

Day 14

Dressed like your are ready for a combat engagement, that’s because the forest awaits your coming, after a good breakfast big enough to sustain you through the hours in the forest, in search for these intelligent primates which share more than 98% human genetic blue print, not sure how long you will stay in this rain forest but wont exceed 5hrs, you will  spend some time with the chimps and then slowly make your way out of the forest and while back at the lodge, you will have lunch, relax and recapture the amazing experience in the chimp haven before setting off for an afternoon adventure in the a swamp walk, here you will see a lot of different bird spieces, monkeys and the locals going about their farming. Later, you will have dinner and spend the night.

Standard Accomodation

Kibale Forest CampAdventure after adventure, this day ushers you to the second largest park in this nation, Queen elizabeth, just like its name, it is magistically located, bodered by all kinds of vegetation on all

Day 15

Adventure after adventure, this day ushers you to the second largest park in this nation, Queen elizabeth, just like its name, it is magistically located, bodered by all kinds of vegetation on all sides, on your way from kibale, you will stop to have panaromic views of different kinds of crater lakes and ofcourse the busy locals in their plantations and well paraded bunches of bananas,’matoke’ on their bicycles, a shot always worthy taking with permission. You will make a quick stop at the equator crossing line and take a few pics before driving on to do an afternoon game drive,’after lunch, you will get to see a number of wild life enjoying life in the wild, your guide will take you to the old salt mine lake which is stil pro active and providing a lifelihood to the locals in this area, remember is this a bioshphere park, meaning both wild life and humans co exist in this area which has been so for many years. Later dinner and night.

Standard Accomodation

Bush lodge

Day 16

Like they say, an early bird catches the worm, therefore starting this day early will give you a better chance to see some cats like lions, leopards etc as they wake up at dusk, then after an amazing time in the early morning game drive, you will slowly drive back to the lodge for that heavy breakfast then relax and later have light lunch and head for another amazing adventure on the kazinga channel a joining of two lakes George and Edward, this activity commonly knows a boat safari will give you a pleasure of seeing a number of animals at the banks either sunbathing, lying still or better yet feeding, after an almost 2 hr boat ride, you will be driven through a bonus package of scenic wonderful ‘wow’ jaw dropping view of crater lakes, this will mark the end of your activities and yet again, you will dinner and night here.

Standard Accomodation

Bush lodge

Day 17

Yet again its time to say goodbye to this paradise and embrace an ambiance of a colorful joyride to the long awaited expendition so sereal and fulfilling. Bwindi, here we come….you will comfortably be transferred to this stunning ever elegantly existing wonders of this south western part of this country, all unique, different landscapes of this area makes you want to forever move here or carry this whole beauty back with you only if it were possible, the un explainable scenary of this place makes you appreciate travelling, looking at the well arranged mountainous slopes, the islands that stand out, the steep cropping that lays out nicely decorated green patterns, and the gigantic views of the volcanic cones just automatically makes you think its a beautiful work of a painted piece by the most celebrated world artist. You will stop for lunch along the way as you enjoy the sweet sensational breeze. You will arrive at your lodge with the view of the impenetrable famous Bwindi national park.

Standard Accomodation

Rushaga Gorilla Camp

Day 18

This is the long awaited day,…it’s that sweet cherry topping on a delish cake that keeps you salivating to just dig your teeth into it, filled with anxiety of what to expect and wanting everything to be perfect, you will have an early breakfast and packed lunch well stuffed in your back pack with about 2 litres of water, then make your way to the briefing point, here the guide will tell a lot of do’s and don’t’s whilst with the gorillas, you will hire a porter to help with your heavy pack and slowly make your way to penetrate the impenetrable Bwindi…can be a long or short walk depending on how far the great apes are, Then later after a great day packed with excitement cause of a fulfilled dream, you will then get back to your lodge and just relax and slide through your pictures, as you appreciate the power of nature.

Standard Accomodation

Rushaga Gorilla Camp

Day 19

You have so much to appreciate about uganda by now, its time to kiss this cozy place goodbye and yet again with open arms welcome another kinda different area, that’s lake bunyonyi, now after such along travel all the way from the east, north, west and now in the southern region of uganda, seen so much and you cannot even begin to comprehend, its time to go to this 900m depth volcanic lake and just throw your hands up and do absolutely nothing but only scrolling through your memory of so much you have seen and also being proud of yourself for having made the right decision to tick uganda off your bucket list of places to travel to, you still can choose to go swimming or canoeing or whatever, its your choice to make. Have lunch then later in the evening dinner and night here.

Standard Accomodation

Acadia Cottages

Day 20

A beautifully tucked away gem, nestled in the farthest part of this country all jammed with an imaginable beauty of well dotted islands scattered on this lake, its time to throw it a flying kiss as you slowly drive away to yet another safari experience to crown it all. You will stop for lunch along the way and then there it is, the zebra park…lake mburo. Like its always said save the best for last, you will immediately on arival at this small savanna park go for a game drive and here you will sight see animals that aint shared with other parks like impalas. Later you will retire to your lodge have dinner and go for a night safari, to see the noctunal wild life.

Standard Accomodation

Eagles’ Nest camp

Day 21

An early morning nature walk is all you need at this point, being your last safari adventure for this trip, you need to make the best out of it so you don’t miss out a thing, it will be a cool, humble walk to nature, you will be guided by the ranger guide with a gun not to kill anything but just for protection incase of an attack which rarely happens because they have specific trails, but for scare shooting in the air. After this spontaneous adventure you can choose to explore either by foot, bike, horseback riding or by car, you will then go for lunch and later in the afternoon your last boat safari experience will be waiting. You will enjoy this ride on the lake mburo, though abit different from other boat ride experiences you had on this safari, it is still worthy your time, you never know what you might see, like I always say… anything is possible as long as one is still in the safari park. Yet again you will later dinner and night here.

Standard Accomodation

Eagles’ Nest camp

Day 22

What an adventurous way to expand your life memory, with wonderful scenaries, wildlife, people, and so much more, that this amazing safari experience has given you, words cannot explain it all, it is such a magical thrilling mind blowing experience which forever becomes part of you, you have trodded on the beaten and unbeaten tracks, you have mafiaed your way into the impenetrable, your eyes have captured every single moment and kept it safe as a forever monument through the eyes of the lenses. As you gently now drive back to entebbe with all this tattoed on your heart and well written and engraved in the stars. We have the last surprise for you, after the stop at the equator and lunch, you will then be taken to the mabamba swamp to see this amazing bird spiece called the giant shoebill stork, you sitted humbly on this dug out canoe rowing gently down the lake, you will really love this elegant unique bird. Then later drive on to entebbe, back to where it all started from…. Dinner and night.

Standard Accomodation

Lake Victoria View Guest House


Depending on your flight schedule, we shall provide extra accomodation at an extra cost but transfer you to the airport at no extra cost, we give service to the very end.

This marks the end of your safari experience. Thank you for trusting us with safari holiday.